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Asciidoctor PDF

The presentation of a tool for simple and beautiful documents

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In the meantime, a company I know has noticed that it has also encountered the problem described here. After all, any kid can use Word, right? As much as I would love to utter sentences like “I told you so.” in these moments, I also like to offer my help in such situations. For this reason, one of the documents that are regularly updated and versioned and made available to third parties will now be switched to AsciiDoc as a test. At the same time git will be introduced for change…

Word & Co have too many disadvantages

An appeal to also give other programs than Word a chance

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I would like to dedicate this post to my little sister and all the others who think they have to write term papers, theses etc. with Word and are not able to integrate page numbers, tables of contents or other necessities. The bottom line is that such papers are really just about creating a PDF with the desired content to either submit digitally or print out.

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