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JWTs, a supplement to BasicAuth

How to use JWTs with BasicAuth.

Tobias Wink

5-Minute Read

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Most REST APIs support BasicAuth when they require authentication and manage user data themselves. When choosing the function to protect stored passwords, it is important to find the right balance between user convenience and attacker protection. On the one hand, you want to keep adversaries at bay for as long as possible, but on the other hand, you also want to give users the shortest possible response times. All adaptive password hashing methods recommended by OWASP therefore offer the option…

Nexus as a binary repository for APKs

Brief tutorial, to show how to use Nexus OSS as a binary repository for APKs

Tobias Wink

3-Minute Read

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If you use Nexus OSS to store your finished binary artifacts, you will of course want to do the same for your APKs. Since I’m currently working on an Android app professionally, I’ve now had the chance to gain my experience with it. Because I don’t want to make the same pitfalls again next time, I will explain it here step by step.

Asciidoctor PDF

The presentation of a tool for simple and beautiful documents

Tobias Wink

3-Minute Read

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In the meantime, a company I know has noticed that it has also encountered the problem described here. After all, any kid can use Word, right? As much as I would love to utter sentences like “I told you so.” in these moments, I also like to offer my help in such situations. For this reason, one of the documents that are regularly updated and versioned and made available to third parties will now be switched to AsciiDoc as a test. At the same time git will be introduced for change…

A different thinking approach

Functional programming requires a different way of thinking

Tobias Wink

3-Minute Read


Unfortunately, some time has passed again since the last post. In the last post I wrote something about the history of functional and imperative programming. This one is now to deal with the, compared to imperative programming, different way of thinking. The source code examples shown here are based on Java for the imperative examples and Haskell for the functional examples. I will try to use only functions available in the language standard and not library functions.

A brief history of functional programming

A brief historical overview of the roots of functional programming

Tobias Wink

2-Minute Read

The word 'History' on a blackboard

Functional programming is on everyone’s lips and concepts from functional programming are being adopted everywhere in imperative languages. At the moment I am also taking a closer look at these concepts and would like to publish my findings here in the form of a series of articles. But let’s start with a short historical review.

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